Semi-Casual Dresses – Emerging Hot Office Trends

The long-preserved and strict rules of wearing only formal dresses seem to be dying out. They are slowly giving way to once “unacceptable” semi-casual dresses. These dresses are no longer taboo on the office premises.

Interestingly, they are being approved by those who hold the high ranks. They don’t seem to raise their eyebrows any longer on this changing trend. This “just in” semi-casual attitude has added many colors and spices to a very formal (read colorless) environment of the offices.

The office goers, around the world, are shedding their full sleeve shirts and formal pants with a distinct enthusiasm. Even, the neckties have become pretty optional ones. The professionals at all places are not reluctant, even slightly, to join this latest bandwagon.

On office days, a polo neck t-shirt coupled with a well-fit pant is a common rage. Many are putting on jeans with stylish striped shirts. The ladies are showing a special liking for straight skirts along with some light colored semi-casual tops.

But amazingly, this “unconventional” norm too has got its “conventions”. These rules help a wearer to remain on the right track of semi-formalism. Otherwise, the wearer may creep into the realm of extreme casual dress sense.

The plain colored shirts, not bright red, deep orange or printed ones, can be paired with jeans or chinos. The striped pants and flattering skirts must be avoided. They give a boring look. The excess of jewelry is bad. A light color pearled necklace will suffice.

The wearers profoundly explain the benefits of wearing semi-formals in the offices. They believe wearing semi-casuals make them comfortable, and allows them to look dashing.

But what they forcefully emphasize is that these dresses enhance their productivity. They accept that they seem to be more active in semi-casual apparel.

Fashion Goddess Rules – Respect the Recession in 2011 Casual Dresses

Fashion Goddess Rule #618 is: Respect the recession by wearing short dresses in 2011.

There once was a time when waltzing up and down Rodeo Drive with a ton of shopping bags in your hand was the ideal. Everyone envied Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

The dream scenario was to be independently wealthy and to shop whenever you wanted and buy as much as you wanted. Ladies dropped thousands in shops every weekend and they bragged about it.

They actually collected fancy shopping bags from the expensive department stores and reused them – carrying clothing to the dry cleaners in a glossy Saks Fifth Avenue paper tote.

It was okay to advertise that you had money. And it was perfectly fine to admit how much your outfit cost. Today, however, it can be a source of embarrassment.

Today, many people are desperately out of work and wearing costly apparel is considered egotistical and insensitive. Now more than ever the “underdressed millionairess” is an iconic portrait. In 2011, casual dresses will be in style – designs that don’t boast luxury logos or pricey materials. Designer collections will be working in cottons and synthetics that don’t cost much to manufacture.

The trend will turn toward easy-to-wear, day to evening casualness – a cute dress that you can worn over jeans during the day and then wear with pumps and stockings at night.

The tailoring will still be sound but the designs themselves will be simplified. They will tend to follow a certain template with similar pieces with minor adjustments in various colors and patterns.

This will be especially true with dresses. Classic models will be the fashion. Tank, halter, spaghetti, and slip shapes will be used. A-line and pencil cuts will be popular.

In general, the ingenuity will be more in the colors and less in the outline. Colors and color combinations will really represent a designer’s vision. Because the fabrics alone will not be very exciting, this is how your eye will be captured.

And the patterns will certainly dazzle. They will pull inspiration from art, nature, and history. They will be literary and poetic, full of emotion and empathy.

There will be an air of nonchalance about them. They will give the sense that the wearer is charitable and laid-back. Even formal attire will be more relaxed and sporty looking.

Collections will appear under-designed with aspects that look almost accidental. Mismatched buttons made of wood or some other natural material. A frayed seam. And casually draped pieces of asymmetrical fabric.

Next year, companies will be even more focused on environmentally conscious branding. Their materials, manufacturing methods, and overall message will be conservation. And the clothing will represent this in every way.

In 2011, casual dresses will begin to pick-up all of these recession-prompted markers. And that’s a good thing. We will enter into an age of carefree glamour that women from all walks of life can access.

Womens Casual Dresses for All Occasions

What better way to display a woman’s femininity but through different dresses? Because of the usual notion that dresses are for women and pants are for men, we go back to the traditions and speak well of women who have carried themselves well in dresses.

Different types of dresses have different styles to fit every occasion. This also depends on the kind of fabric of the dress. Apart from the personality of the person and how the look is to be presented, the kind of dress that can be worn on a certain occasion and time reflects the ideals of the person wearing it and at the same time creates an aura or an impression to others.

Countries with the usual four seasons usually have a certain kind of clothing to fit the weather. For those in the tropical countries where there are only two seasons of wet and dry, the kinds of clothes and dresses is determined only to either protect them from rain or to loosen up with light clothes for summer. Because of this, fashion trends move faster and easier in Western countries where there is a need for clothes that would complement the weather as opposed to those in tropical countries where rain does not bring much cold and the sun’s heat is basked in most of the time.

Long dresses and those with intricate designs and delicate embroideries are usually worn as evening and dinner dresses. These give elegance and style and give a sensual and alluring take for evening occasions. Usually for formal parties and events, these dresses provide an elegance and style that will surely boost the confidence of women. Together with the right accessories and the perfect pair of shoes, a simple dress may look stunning while an already beautiful one may be complemented with tamed yet bold colours of shoes and bags.

For business meetings and office clothing, women’s casual dresses come in different forms. Overalls would usually look better with simple accessories. There are dresses however, which could look better on their own but would bring out its best features by pairing it with a good bag to complement the design or shoes that are simple yet speak so much. Some companies may not really require dresses, but elegant business skirts will do. Slacks and sweaters are also acceptable, mainly on days without meetings or client visits.
For the more laid back days like weekends, bohemian and short picnic dresses are usually the preference. These can be worn at picnics and tea parties around small get-together. At house parties, party and cocktail dresses can be doubled as daytime and night time clothing given the right accessories.

Sandals and flats can make for good footwear during late afternoons, while switching to stilettos and more sophisticated footwear will be more appropriate at dusk. Women’s casual dresses are very versatile that one simple dress can be turned into a multitude of possibilities for different occasions. All you have to do is to be creative and allow your personal taste and style to show.

Casual Dresses for Women for All Body Types

Everyone wants to look his or her best, regardless of the occasion or their age. This can be accomplished through the casual wear fashions you choose. Today, women’s clothing has been created by designers like Elan International to accent your features, no matter what they are. This is applicable for both men and women, more so for women as they have an inner craving to draw appreciative looks wherever they go. No matter how old you are or what your body type may be, it is more than possible to put on a great dress with the perfect length and style to help you look your best for those special occasions in your future.

Because casual clothing today has been created to suit just about every body type out there, more thought is required in order to understand your body type and ensure you are purchasing casual wear that fits you and accents your features. Do you know what your body type is? Whether you are apple shaped, pear shaped, petite or plus size, dresses for women today are made to help you look your best. Elan International offers a wide variety of casual wear dresses that can be worn every day and dressed up for those special events.

Women with apple shaped bodies can select from V-neck tops to create an illusion of elongated look, those with pear shaped bodies can opt for the same design in wider necklines such as square or bateau necks. Just browsing through the Elan International dresses for women will show you new twists on old classics like halter dresses, strapless dresses, sleeveless and long sleeve dresses and of course the little black dress. Old staples have been reinvented this year so every style seems new and improved.

Women blessed with an hourglass figure may want to consider a waist defining dress such as wrap around dress or convertible dress. These dresses for women may seem difficult to manipulate but trial and error is all it takes to find out how you like to wear it. They are perfect for the office, day time wear or evening wear which makes them a great investment. This type of casual wear style will enhance their figure and create a slimming appearance. Waist jackets also look quite good on women with curvy figure. They are perfect for layering over your favourite dress on those cooler nights and help you cover up any mid-section problem areas you may have.

Dresses for women this year include sexy styles, casual wear styles and office attire and some of these styles can be found all within one dress. With this being said, it may be time to take a look in your closet and find out just how you can update your wardrobe by adding a few key pieces, starting with a great fashion dress for women. Fashion accessories for women can take a little black dress and turn it into something different each time and this is what women’s fashion is all about for 2011.

Decoding Business Casual Dress Codes

Many things have changed across the business landscape of America over the last several years. The way we dress to go to the office is definitely one of them. For the ladies gone are the days of the Linda Evans in Dynasty power suits with the football player shoulder pads and guys are no longer forced into a three piece suit and tie. The phrase “business casual” is bandied around a lot these days but what does that really mean? A few pointers:

Consider what day it is – If you are meeting with clients err on the conservative side as a mark of respect. Save the khakis for another day when you will be chained to your desk rather than in the spotlight.

Ask first – Different companies have their own interpretation of the terms business casual and dress down Fridays. Many do not want to see jeans even on a dress down day and for others sneakers are still a no no. Check with your supervisor or HR before you turn up for work dressed for a barbeque.

Be consistent – If you dress fairly conservatively from Monday to Thursday resist the temptation to show up on a Friday dressed like you didn’t change clothes after rolling out of bed. There are very few companies that will tolerate sweats and baggy tees even on the most casual of days. Besides, is that how you really want your co workers or worse still, clients to see you?

For women:

Pantsuits are great. They are trendy and can be dressed up or down as the occasion calls for. Pants with a bootleg cut are universally flattering as are dark neural shades of black, gray and navy. One of the most flattering dress styles for work is the classic sheath. They accentuate they figure without being too revealing and really never go out of fashion and if you stock up on variety of nice (not too low cut tops) you need only purchase a couple of pairs of dress pants to have a wardrobe versatile enough to gain you a reputation as the office fashionista.

For men:

A few good sports coats are the best additions you can make to your work wardrobe. They look great with wool pants, dress pants even khakis and are pulled together enough for client meetings and presentations. Linen slacks can be a good business casual look as well as long as they are not too Miami Vice. And one word guys – business casual does not mean that your clothes should be wrinkled, get that ironing board out.

Trends For Spring Womens Casual Dresses

With spring on its way many women are starting to look at the trends of the season so that as soon as the temperature starts warming up they can break out their new fresh wardrobe. One item in particular that you may need to update may be your collection of womens casual dresses. The good news however is that the spring catwalks are alive with fresh, vibrant, and attractive casual dresses making it easy to choose styles and trends that will fit in with your own personal style whether you enjoy a bit of flamboyant fashion or more down to earth and practical fashion.

First off however, before diving into any of the actual trends and prints that you should look for when you head off shopping for womens casual dresses it is important to make sure that you are aware of the cuts and lengths that you should be shopping for. Not only will this help you narrow down your choices and options while shopping, but it will also help you stay fashionable because even if you have an in style print if the dress is cut wrong then you will look just as out of place as if you had not bothered at all to purchase something new and fresh.

Unlike past spring seasons, this spring dress length is following the general trend of winter and last summer: comfortably mid-length. Once again miniskirts are out and the same can be said when it comes to mini-dresses. While this does not mean that you have to be covered up down to your ankles like a conservative house wife, you should make sure that the hemline falls somewhere around your knees being careful not to avoid dresses that hang over the kneecaps as it elongates the styles too much. Mid thigh hems that hang between the thigh and knees are also popular this spring as well just do not let it inch too far up!

Now that the length is covered, it’s time to delve into the fun area of choosing on womens casual dresses designs and prints. This spring and summer floral prints have been all over the runway so its hard to go wrong with anything that is a floral print. A word of caution however, the floral prints that have been hot all have small detailed floral prints on them, so avoid anything with large splashy flower prints or you may end looking more like a large tablecloth than a street fashion maverick.

Last but not least, the other major print that is in are abstract prints, those that have one solid colour with a splash of abstract edging built into the dress that accents it. This style has been seen all over the runway as well and while you would do well to avoid flashy neon colours, baby colours and nudes are very stylish this spring and when paired with black or navy blue accents are wonderful additions to just about any wardrobe regardless of your fashion preference.

Business Casual Dress, or Business Casualty? 3 Business Casual Dress Tips

Once upon a time, dressing for the office was a reasonably straightforward affair. For the men it was a plain, dark colored suit with a white (or at least neutral) shirt and a subdued tie. For the women it was similar, tailored jacket, matching slacks or skirt and a plain blouse.

Then came “Business Casual Dress”! Great, all of a sudden we’re free from the straightjacket (no pun intended). Things are going to be way easier now. We can wear our weekend clothes and just not worry about office clothes – right? No, sorry, that’s very wrong.

Far from removing restrictions and complications, the business casual dress code has in reality imposed even more than we had before. Now we have to stand in front of our clothes racks each morning and ask ourselves: is this acceptable or not? It’s even worse on the dreaded “Casual Friday” – does almost anything go here or not? (the answer by the way is NO!).

So, what is acceptable and what isn’t. Perhaps before going into any answers, it would be good to ask yourself another question, namely – What do I want my dress to say about me? Do I want to be seen as a leader, or potential leader; or do I want to be seen as someone “trendy” and “cool”? I’d strongly suggest if it’s the first answer then you follow these three tips:

Keep a spare “smart”set of clothes handy in the office if at all possible. If an important client (or manager) makes an unexpected visit, make sure that YOU are the one who will represent your company in the most professional manner. Believe me this really will make a difference.
Remember that quality is still king! It makes no difference if it’s casual dress, quality still shows. If you have a limited budget (who doesn’t) then invest in a small set of quality clothes, rather than several cheaper “trendy” outfits.
Try and be one step up from your co-workers. Yes, I know it smacks of “sucking up”, but it will set you apart in a positive way, and that is what will get you noticed. Here’s a good idea, keep the jacket! A smart (even casual smart) jacket says many positive things about you.

Do you get the general theme here? Business casual dress is here to stay, at least for the time being. Try and use the trend to your advantage in a career sense, rather than using it as a means to project a “casual” attitude.

Did you know that 90% of employees use their dress to their career disadvantage? Want to know how to be one of the 10%? Then visit my site below and get the career boost you really want:

Casual Dress is Today’s Modern Style

Casual dress is today’s norm. Everyone dresses casually today. In years past, one would never think of going to a chic restaurant, attending a play, or even going to church services in a pair of jeans. But today that is not only OK, but even the accepted style. The key to casual dress is to not look like you’ve just come from working out or cleaning the house, but to look like you’re chic and sophisticated.

The term “casual dress” in this article refers to your overall clothing appearance. This is not to be confused with a “dress” that is casual. Casual dress can include jeans, sun dresses, skirts with leggings, and any number of combinations of individual pieces worn together or layered.

The key to making casual dress work is to make it look sharp. You can do this with crisp, like-new pieces, such as dark blue jeans. Using appropriately sized accessories, like belts worn outside around the waist, large earrings, or bright rings and bracelets can make a normally drab outfit come to life. And don’t forget scarves. Scarves can add that flash of color that makes the ensemble click.

Shoes are an important part of a casual look as well. Wearing heels with jeans can dress them up. Wearing open toe shoes in warm weather can not only show off your feet, but also make that casual look into more than just what is comfortable to wear. In winter, boots can dress up your casual look as well. Have you thought about wearing sweater boots?

A Comprehensive Guide About Women’s Casual Dresses

After spending days wearing cocktail dresses, peep-toe pumps, snug suits and high-heeled stiletto pumps, kicking back in casual attire is the ultimate relaxation technique that can be used by women on the go. Casual chic has gained a lot of popularity in the streets and even in the workplace, the concept of ‘Casual Fridays’ has become widespread. This has provided women with more options than ever to dress themselves in a casual dress in a laid back and simplistic fashion or stylish one. The best part is that it is extremely easy for women to dress casually and they can apply it to a number of settings with the help of a few simple tips, which are discussed below:

Casual Dress at the Office

Stuffy and formal workplace attire has been ditched by a lot of designers and fashion heads and they are introducing a more casual and fun style of business dress. A number of companies have reinstated this sort of dress code meaning that every day is now a ‘casual Friday’. Hence, employees are still expected to be dressed in a semi-professional outfit, but they have the freedom to give up the traditional black business suit and the conservative shoes that go with it.

As far as women are concerned, this relaxation in attire requirements means that they can don semi-conservative yet semi-casual outfits like loose-fitting summer dresses and wrap dresses that don’t show much leg and cleavage, casual shirts and linen pants. Jeans and tops are also permitted by some companies along with sneakers.

Casual Street Dress

Women have a variety of opportunities to dress casually when they are out on about. It doesn’t matter if they are just taking a stroll through the park, doing some shopping in street boutiques or combing through books in a bookstore; there is always a casual dress for the occasion. Their choices in shoes can range from casual boots to chic flats to sneakers whereas jeans can be baggy or skinny. Fitted long-sleeved and short-sleeved tops, tank tops and t-shirts make for excellent casual street tops. You can also wear casual loose-fitting long or short dresses and pair them with low heels.

Casual Dress for Parties

Rather than going for the age-old option of mini dresses or short cocktail dresses, you can dress casually when you go to parties. However, this can also depend on the type of club and the nature of the party. Women who are attending parties where there isn’t any strict dress code or don’t feel like getting dolled up can opt for something on the casual side. You can also wear fitted tops with skinny or fitted jeans and complete the look by putting on low heels.

Women’s casual dresses give them the opportunity of being comfortable and fashionable at the same time. Dressing casually doesn’t require you to put in a lot of time and effort in getting ready and prevents you from getting caught up in appearances. Causal dressing can be adjusted for any occasion with a little bit of flair and sense.

Tips on Buying Plus Size Casual Dresses Online

Shopping for plus size casual dresses is fun both, in person and online. However, for people looking for larger selection of sizes and styles can find the best bet by searching the internet. The internet is filled with possibilities speaking about shopping online for plus size dresses. You can find anything in wide range of sizes, styles and prices.

The good news is there are more designers creating plus size casual dresses online. The not so good news is it is challenging to find choices. Here are some tips helping in online shopping for plus size casual dresses:

Details of retail categories: Shoppers online need to know the online retailers having a stock of plus size casual dresses online. This should range all casual dresses in each category. Moreover, they should prove to be low priced and offer high quality.

Quality browsing: The right way to shopping online is by having proper approach and this is rightly done by spending time to do quality browsing. Spend time to find things attracting attention online and narrow your choices.

Select without disparity: The choice of clothing should be done as per your body type. Dresses that look perfect on plus-size models in the photo, may not suit you. So look for online retailers offering suggestion on body type and do not over or under estimate yourself.

Avatar fits: The new trend is to use the ‘Avatar’, the animated dolls to fit in your choice of dress. This gives a rough idea of how it may seem to you.

Value- Purchasing online is done basically for low prices. So for right value purchase, see that the shipping is free for dresses purchased online. Make your buying for plus size casual dresses sweeter by combining online promotions and frequent sales.

Change and Return- Buying online has minor disadvantage that you cannot try before buying. However, this is considerably relieved with generous contribution of exchange policies. Ensure that all items are intact and remember to accept paying for return shipping.

Secure order: Most consumers are comfortable in using credit cards for online purchases. Doing it with proper sense and dealing with only reputable merchants keeps your page secure. Genuine dealers give tracking number to know the delivery status of your purchase.

Casual dresses always provides the comfort feeling to the plus size women because skin fitting dresses are not much more comfortable, plus size women can’t sit easily, can’t walk easily. If you are a plus size then you must use the casual dresses. In these days very fashionable and attractive dresses are available in the market for plus size women in lots of varieties of designs and colors.